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Pizza Palooza

Some of the men's basketball players (not sure what the whole mustache thing is about) 😛

Wednesday night was the 2nd Annual Pizza Palooza hosted at the Phi Mu house to fundraise for the Children’s Miracle Network. The special guests of the night were Baker’s new head basketball coach Brett Ballard along with several of the players. This event lasted from 8pm to midnight and was filled with all the pizza you can eat, pied faces, and raffle drawings and prizes. Fellow blogger Skylar Gotte was also in attendance and everybody got a good laugh out of Andre Strozier pieing fellow teammate Sebastian Randolph. See pictures below.

Andre trying to calm down the crowd.

If only sound effects could be heard through pictures...


Christmas at Baker

Yesterday was one of my favorite days at Baker!

During our Thursday Chapel, we celebrated all four weeks of advent and Christmas in one service! Ira DeSpain, our campus minister, joked afterwards about how people technically aren’t supposed to sing Christmas carols until December 25th. It was a great opportunity to celebrate this holiday with our college community before heading home to spend the holidays with our families.

For Greek life, Christmas is always an exciting time because we do serenades and most chapters have their own Christmas/Holiday celebration. For serenades, around Christmas time, the sororities go around to all of the fraternities and they all sing to each other. It’s always nice to hear some of those songs that certain fraternities sing! 🙂 This year, Phi Mu ended with our homecoming partners, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and enjoyed some nice, warm hot chocolate! A perfect end to a night of fun in the cool Kansas air!

It’s always exciting to see how much the Baker community is like a giant family! And this is definitely one of those times that you get to see it!

I Survived…


Freshman enrollment is a very exciting time. Despite the frustrations of many people logging into one server simultaneously, it is a very entertaining experience. I spent Monday night anticipating the second the clock struck midnight! Instantly, all of the freshmen at Phi Mu, along with the rest of the freshman class, logged into our Baker Portals (our student system) and began the enrollment process. It was very very entertaining to see a group of girls spread out between our formal room, dining room, and library yelling at their computers and blasting music into the wee hours of the morning! Needless to day, that was one crazy night! Some of us girls stayed up watching Greek on my computer afterward. Who knew that enrollment could be turned into sisterhood bonding. Must say, can’t deny that there is great joy in going Greek!

I know that enrollment in the future won’t be this exciting, but I will always remember it as the day I almost shot my computer! 🙂