Katerra Shackelford’s Profile

*soulja boy voice* What’s hannenin’?!? My name is Katerra Shackelford and I’m currently a sophomore transfer from Kansas City, KS *clears throat* specifically Wyandotte County. I’m HONEST, OPINIONATED, and OUTSPOKEN!!! Mostly about EVERYTHING!!! *smiles &winks* You’ll soon see those traits in all of my blogs. I’m real down-to-earth yet, I’m interesting and edgy!!!! I’m goal-oriented and I succeed in mostly everything I do! With all my other traits I believe I am charming, hardworking, practical,extremely intelligent, loyal, and sensible…especially CHARMING!!! I dazzle everyone, DUH!!!! *chuckles* I love to make the best of every situation I’m in and I live for every moment used in my life. I believe God has put me on earth to be a blessing to every person I meet in my lifetime.


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  1. most of the time i use hair extensions because i love long hair-,~

    October 28, 2010 at 10:06 am

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