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Hey Baker! I am going to be a personal blogger on this website and how else to start this off than a post about myself to formerly introduce myself? So this post is dedicated to learning more about me, what I do, and why I came to Baker.

First off, my name is Gloria Atanmo and I am a returning senior involved in basketball, tennis, a multi-cultural diversity club called Mungano, Baker Ambassadors, Orientation Leadership, FY Instructors, The Baker Orange, KNBU Radio, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Being involved in multiple clubs on campus makes me feel like I have a purpose and I’m not just another number or statistic enrolled in this university. It has been a great way to meet new people, learn more about the faculty on campus, keep school exciting, and give me something other than homework to be doing in my free time.

Why did I come to Baker? Ahh, the age old question that everyone wonders when I tell them I came from Arizona. Besides the enormous culture shock, I really felt a comforting sense at Baker when I first came on the visit back in June of 2008. To be completely honest, I graduated high school not having the slightest clue where I would end up that upcoming fall. As calm as I tried to be, it was frustrating not being able to tell family members and friends the definite place I’d be going to further my education with 3-4 prospective schools still under consideration. I prayed about it numerous times that wherever I end up, God will help me adjust and pick the best place for me given my circumstances.

And to this day I don’t regret one single thing about my decision to come to Baker and couldn’t be more pleased with how much I’ve learned socially and scholarly in my short time here thusfar.  Everything was going so well my first semester, that was, until the winter came and I got to experience cold like I’ve never experienced before. This was also the first time I’d ever seen snow; and that curiosity lasted about 2 days before I realized how many inches of it can accumulate at one time. The winters I had been accustomed to living in California and Arizona only got down to about 40 degrees, and that was at night, if anything. Winters in Arizona were a joke compared to Kansas’ weather. I almost felt embarrassed that I didn’t have the proper wardrobe fit for making it through all 3 (but what felt like 4) months of the dreaded winter.

This being my fourth year, I feel so much more equipped for college mentally more than anything as I now understand how the system works and what is expected of me from an athletic and educational standpoint. College isn’t something to be taken lightly, and I wish it didn’t take me a whole year to realize that, but nevertheless, I’m back, I’m ready, and more prepared than ever.

I also would like to apologize in advance for the randomness of my posts. My goal is to inform, to educate, to enlighten, but most of all, to make you guys laugh, as I’ve noticed I have a slightly different perspective on some of the simplest matters in life. If you don’t get a kick out of my blogs, I will make sure a full refund is ensued. So sit back, relax, and get ready to bank in on my 2 cent deposit of Baker University.


2 responses

  1. eliza murray

    Hi Gloria. I am currently a senior in high school and i’m interested in Baker University. Can you give me any advice in my college decision? Can you email more information about Baker?

    January 15, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    • Gloria U. Atanmo

      Hi, I would be more than willing to give you advice or answer any questions you might have about Baker University. If there is any information in particular that you are wanting to find out, I can further direct you to the people who specialize in that area (admissions department). But if you would like a more general answer and from a student’s perspective, then I’m your woman 🙂

      Hope to talk to you soon!

      January 17, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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