Soccer Alumni Games

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The Baker men and women’s team recently had an alumni game that took place in Liston Stadium. One thing I love about watching and participating in alumni games, is that these youthful and active college-athletes get to take on a bunch of has-been’s and let it go one of two ways. They either get schooled by the older, but wiser alum, or they walk all over the older, and out of shape alum. For the women, it was more of a giggle and push around session. They fought hard, but you can tell they were all out there just having fun. But during the men’s game, they were out for blood. There was yelling, pushing, arguing, and all, you would think this game was going on some phantom record book that follows you for life. Men tend to be much more competitive, and this past Saturday proved that. Coach Houser and asst. Coach Davy even had the chance to partake in the games by playing and refereeing.


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