March Madness

No doubt the Super Bowl is America’s favorite sporting event of the year. But unlike the Super Bowl, March Madness lasts a whole MONTH! Yes, 30+ days of nothing but straight college basketball, the best sport in the world (I may be a little biased with that). The Cinderella stories, the upsets, the disappointments, the controversy, the tears, the buzzer-beaters, the season-ending plays, the MADNESS. Some days, it’d be a miracle if I move more than 10 feet from the couch. The games are so addicting. Not to mention my failing bracket that I filled out, which is two wrong picks away from being tossed in the trash. I entered myself in 3 bracket pools, including ESPN’s and as of tonight, the bracket leader has 530 points, compared to my measly 340. Which puts me at an overall 4,620,142nd place. And as bad as that sounds, I’d like to predict that about 100 million brackets were submitted, to make me feel better. At any rate, there’s still much basketball to be played! So tune in to CBS, TNT, and TBS for the upcoming games!


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