California Choir Trip: Part 3

Part 3: Cathedral of the Light

The whole purpose of our trip was to sing at the grand opening of a Cathedral in Oakland. After preparing for this moment for months, it was finally here. We arrived early in order to practice in the Cathedral before our performance. Just looking at the outside of the cathedral I knew that it was going to be so beautiful on the inside.

I was right. The inside of this building was so beautiful. As we began our warm up we could tell that the sound in the building was going to be awesome. The acoustics were amazing. Even though there was only 10 of us singing, our sound filled the space. We were singing a fairly long piece that involved several different movements. With only 10 people singing this was very difficult.

The cathedral began to fill up and my nerves were kicking in. I wanted to make Dr. Potterton proud. Right before we sang, we lined up and Dr. Potterton gave us a pep talk. I was ready. We were ready. We walked through the middle aisle to the front of the building. All eyes were on us. We nailed it. I was so proud of our performance and could tell that Dr. Potterton was too. Singing at the Cathedral of the Light was such an amazing experience and I thank Dr. Potterton for giving us that opportunity.


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