California Choir Trip: Part 2

Part 2: The train ride
We took a 12-hour train ride from Palo Alto to Los Angeles. Most of the students had never been on a train ride before. Waiting at the train station, none of us knew exactly what kind of train we would be boarding. But when the train arrived it was so cool. We got on board and went to the second floor. The seats were so nice and you could completely recline. The ride began and a man came around to take our orders for lunch. It was still mid morning so I decided to go back to sleep for a while. When I woke up, a few of us decided it was time to play cards.

This photo was taken during our Phase 10 game. Photo credit Nanette Kraus

We walked through several cabins to make it to the observation deck. This is the part of the train that has windows all around. We sat in a booth and started our card game. Phase 10 was the name of the game, and we played for several hours. The rest of the train ride consisted of chatting and playing random games.

Around 8 p.m., our accompanist came to us saying that she had heard a woman in the cabin below us singing gospel music. She went down and spoke with her, and said that our choir sings gospel music too. Our accompanist came back to ask us if we would be willing to sing for this woman. Of course we said yes.

When we got down to her cabin we sang several of our gospel song. This woman was overjoyed to listen to us sing. It was so rewarding to see someone so appreciative of us singing for her. I walked back up to my seat and had tears in my eyes. This was a moment that I will never forget.


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