Busy times at ZTA

When I am not attending classes or doing homework, like many others from Greek organizations on campus, I am generally participating in chapter activities. Being the house manager of Zeta Tau Alpha, I’m very busy. But I love it! I like learning about the history of the house and of those who lived in the house before those of us who currently live there, and to meet the alumnae at the end of the school year at STAG.
This coming weekend, I am to meet more alumnae where we will discuss the future of the chapter and what is currently taking place within the fraternity.
Some of the girls are very nervous about meeting the alum and ZTA’s who are coming to our place here at Baker. But I am excited to meet them and see others again. One who is coming to our chapter is a Traveling Leadership Consultant who will stay with us for 11 days to give us tips and ideas that we can use. Another is a well-known ZTA who attended Baker University and is now our Mentor. The Housing Corporation will also be here over the weekend where I will be meeting with them to discuss things about our house physically. I am looking forward to this experience! This is the first time I have met some of the women from Housing Corp. It’s fun to be with others who care about the same things that I do. They have a love for Zeta Tau Alpha just like me, so we are all making a point to do what is best for Sigma Chapter at Baker University.
Not only are we busy preparing for our guests to arrive, but we have had some great sisterhood bonding lately. We have attended Zumba dance/workout classes together in Lawrence and it has been a blast. Next week we have an alumni coming to do a free Zumba class with us at the house, so that should be a great time, too. (I have a huge obsession with Zumba recently.) Also, tonight we are having a sisterhood event where we will be eating chocolate covered strawberries with some games to play and it will be nice to spend time with each other. We are also inviting girls over who are interested in becoming a ZTA. I’m excited to meet new people. The sisterhood events are a nice break from studying. We chose strawberries for the event because strawberries are one of the symbols of ZTA.
ZTA has been a very busy place recently with the stress of homework and the many school activities that the girls take part in, but we always remember to have a little fun, as well! If you ever have questions about Zeta Tau Alpha or Greek Life I am always happy to help answer your questions. It’s been a great experience for me and the men and women of other sororities and fraternities really seem to love their chapters as well. Greek Life is a good experience for many at BU.


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