Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel Service

*smiles brightly* Today in Chapel Service there was a warm sense of comfort and unity among the individuals who participated in the worship service.  Rev. Ira DeSpain spoke about the life and ministry of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and how God had blessed him to accept his calling to target the tension of racial injustice during his lifetime.

The Speech Choir performed a summarized version of the speech, “I’ve been to the Mountaintop.”  The song “Wade in the Water” was performed as well as “Shout to the Lord.” Afterward, Mungano had invited Mr. Melvin Jenkins, grandfather of BU student Kelley Jenkins, to speak and encourage everyone on the topic of developing leaders for social justice.  As I sat and listened to his message, I felt extremely blessed to be in attendance.  His words were encouraging and uplifting.  He spoke of his past and I was grateful that there were others who fought on my behalf to allow me the chance for freedom and equal opportunities.  He encouraged Baker students to be leaders and look beyond the surface toward the underlying issues of social justice we are still facing today.  He challenged us to come together.

I am so happy that the service went well and the students were really paying attention to the words from the speaker.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had started the dream, but it is up to us to embrace the vision.  *smiles*


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