Weight gain in college?! NONSENSE!

We’ve all heard of the freshman 15 – we’ve all probably gained it and became a victim of its rapid and inevitable wrath. However, nobody forewarned me of the future years, and the spell that was to come with them! The sophomore 10 and the junior 8.5 – unbelievable! I think to myself, how could this possibly happen?? I play a college sport, I work out pre-season, during season, AND post-season? Why the extra baggage… literally. I reach for a chocolate chip cookie as I’m pondering these things, and almost like an epiphany, it hits me. IT’S THE FOOD! You can’t expect to maintain your weight eating dorm room junk food all the time. People think weight gain is all in working out, but 80% of body fat is gained from the food we eat, not from the lack of exercise. So now you know! I also hate to waste food, so I better finish the rest of this. You know, because I like to go green, and save, and stuff…


One response

  1. Lol this is so true lol thats why i have many cases of water to help destroy that hunger for a midnight snack lol

    January 24, 2011 at 1:30 am

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