Christmas List = Shopping/Grocery List

The holiday season is almost over and Christmas has passed.  However, upon asking my fellow colleagues and friends what they had received for Christmas, I found their responses quite sad. 

Admit it! Most of us really didn’t receive that new cell phone or Macbook or fancy shoes; we received money for the new semester of books, groceries, necessities, and gas to head back to school.  *smh* It is quite sad that the holiday, for us, has become some way for us to finally get name brands like Oreos instead of fudge sandwich cookies, or Charmin toilet paper instead of the regular (yet free) toilet paper the school offers.

Yes, I am happy and most grateful that my parents, extended family, neighbors, church members, and others have most graciously given me money, or gift cards, or groceries to head on back to school with. However, it does slightly ruffle my feathers to grow up.  I watched my younger brother tear through his gifts with new PS3 games, the latest trends, and a new necklace. I helped my younger cousin ride on his new bike in the garage.  I saw the joyous looks on all the kids’ faces as they glided about in the mall begging their mothers to take them to see Santa so that he might grant their Christmas wish lists.

*shrugs* My question is have college students become too old to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for one gift that is not seen as a necessity? Just one enjoyable item.  I think we are part-time kids also.  I mean granted, we do choose our times to be adults and kids, but Christmas shouldn’t be seen as a means to gear us up with semester necessities. GEEZ!!


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