Sigh of Relief :) (or NOT!)

*smiles brightly* It is finished. Finals, homework, late nights, long papers, running to class because the alarm clock didn’t go off correctly, revising that last paragraph and checking to see if the bibliography was correct, and lest we not forget around this time breathing wouldn’t occur if one didn’t remember to remind the brain to do it.  Even the last minute packing and cleaning that occurs because we have to be out of the dorms by 5pm is a task that seems impossible to tackle.

*exhales* All that stress is gone.  Until you think about the multiple choice question (#24) on your accounting or chemistry test and can’t remember if it was A or D.  Or maybe you aren’t quite sure if you packed all your underwear.  Then you begin to panic because you aren’t necessarily sure if you emailed all the information to one of your professors on your project.  Before you know it, you are stressing out once again because all these after thoughts of the week’s events begin to poke into the time you’re supposed spend relaxing.

If this person is YOU, then please please please RELAX!!! In high school, I was one of these individuals.  I couldn’t sleep until all my grades were in and I re-checked everything that was in my control.  However, this type of stress caused me to be sick almost every Christmas.  When an individual stresses to a certain amount, the body works extra hard to block those stressors, leaving the immune system open for attack.

So enjoy break. I’m sure you did fine and if not there is nothing to change the past. Just move on to the future.


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