Goody Bag :) or Feeling Bad :(?

*sigh* Over the holiday season (or should I say stress week, dead days, or anything of the sort referring to the heap of homework, papers, and upcoming finals) I receive more treats and goody bags than ever before.  Many work study jobs host treat days or gives students goody bags, we receive care packages from the RA’s that our parents sent us, some are mailed care packages from their churches or neighborhoods, and many of us shop for our favorite foods to help keep us awake or comfort us before and after the BIG TEST DAY.

Although these treats and goodies tend to keep us sane and feeling good as we stuff our faces, the reality is they aren’t doing any justice for our bodies or brains.  As a matter of fact *shrugs*, they’re hurting us.

I know many of you are scrunching your faces at this blog, however, it is proven that things such as fish (high in omega-3 fats like salmon; not those fish sticks in the freezer *chuckles*), blueberries (due to their high phytochemical content, have also been linked to improved memory status and function), and even drinking more water (cleans your system and helps you to not over-indulge).

*smiles* So let this be reminder to not only you, but myself included, that we need to get the nutrients that revitalize our bodies and will give us energy to study (or cram) and so we won’t get sick.  😀


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