The Value of Friends

What was supposed to be a harmless drive to Topeka, KS to celebrate a birthday with a friend turned into the nightmare that became my Friday night. Everything was going great, and the surprise party went as planned, but on the way back, I drive through a construction site which soon becomes the product of my busted, front right tire.

Friend: “Uhhm, Glo, we may have a situation here.”
Me: “A situation???”
Friend: *points to tire* “Shhhh…listen”
Tire: Tssssssssssss “I’m melting… I’m melting!” (or whatever a tire might say in this scenario)
Me: “Ohhhh nooooooo!!!”

A little bummed out, I assume we could just fill it up with air at the gas station 30 ft away, until I glance back over and the whole bottom of the tire is saggier than pants on a teenager. My friend knows the tire is definitely done for. Being car illiterate and never having experienced this situation before, I turn to them to delegate and take it from here. Luckily my friends knew exactly what to do, I knew men were good for something and replaced my tire within minutes. I was also extremely fortunate to have an actual tire in my trunk, and not just a donut!

So you would think my night’s events were done right?

My headlights decide to go on vacation and stop working for reasons that are beyond me! So now what? It’s about midnight, it’s a Friday, AND it’s finals week. What are the chances of someone being available to pick us up? If you have great friends like mine, then VERY HIGH! Within minutes my friend picks us up as I leave my car stranded on the side of the K-10 to pick up first thing tomorrow morning.

Had I driven by myself and this would’ve happened, I don’t know what I would’ve done. It just puts into perspective how much I love my friends and how great they are. They claimed that it was no problem when it was all said and done, but the littlest deed for someone experiencing a night like mine, went MILES (no pun intended). It turned a frantic situation into a laughable memory. So thank you, friends.


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