Weather Blues

OK, so this weather has me all in a frenzy. Monday morning I walked outside and  it had to be 70 degrees, with no frost on my window, no bad wind chill scraping my face cold, or no need for the huge winter coat I had walked outside with.

I’m not sure what the weather is doing, except making me rather confused about my wardrobe.  It can be freezing cold at 30 degrees with the biggest winds flying all directions one day and the next it is a perfectly fine sunny day where all one needs is a jacket.

I should be used to the changes in the weather because I have lived in Kansas my entire life. However, this fall season just has me all in dismay every time I walk outside (especially on the evenings where it is pouring cold rain).  But many times, I remind myself that Kansas is known for extreme and rapid changes in the climate and condition of weather.

But when I walk around campus and see all the individuals who haven’t grown up here, I often hear their grumbles.  One day we need coats and boots, the next it is flip flops and tank tops.  Kansas is so unpredictable and at times (like today) the weather just gives me the blues.


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