Maybe one day isn’t enough?

As I look around and see the leaves change colors and feel the crisp fall breeze and realize today is the last day of classes, I find myself in a wonderful daze 🙂

I look forward to Thanksgiving — all the good soul food that my mother and aunts will prepare.  And I even get a tad bit excited (understatement) about the fact that classes are dismissed for an entire week.  But as the joy fills my heart, I find myself questioning is Thanksgiving day really enough time to be thankful for everything.

Many times during the year I find myself taking plenty of things for granted.  The fact that I have somewhere to stay, clothes on my back (nice ones at that), the fact that I have been blessed to live in a stable home with both parents, the fact that I am in school, the fact that I live in a country that is run by democracy and my rights are important, the fact that I can freely worship my Lord and Savior are a few things among many.

In reality,  Thanksgiving Day is NOT enough, and if one finds him or herself only truly realizing and being grateful for life and its blessings on that day, then maybe they should try and count their blessings more often.

So I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, who died for me and has prepared a wonderful eternal life for me in heaven :), I am thankful for my family (my amazing father, beautiful mother, and wonderful siblings; also the fact that my grandfather is still alive after the doctors said there is nothing they can do). I am thankful for my friends, my boyfriend (for now), my school, and that I have developed into the woman I am today 🙂

So what are you thankful for? And is one day enough?


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