Group Projects… or the lack there of :(

I can honestly say the thing I hate most about any class is the dreaded GROUP PROJECT!!

Many teachers feel students should be enthused by group projects. It is less work for the group and everyone participates and you get the WONDERFUL opportunity of working with your  fellow peers.  However,  that is not the reality of group projects as many of us already know.

There is so many factors that tie into group projects.  You have those who have sports practice, those who work, those who have a concert, those who have to go back home, those who can’t miss dinner, those who have sorority/fraternity meetings, those who have to volunteer, those who have kids, those who need to go back home because their parents need them, those who don’t have a car, those who go to bed at 10pm, those who have class, those who can’t meet at all because they will be gone the remainder of the week, those who lost their goldfish and have to go get another one, those who don’t get the emails for the meeting times and the excuses go on and on.

The reality is groups really aren’t a good idea and although professors say that it will prepare us for the real world, my reply has often been well I think I will wait for that because at least I’m getting paid. *lightbulb moment* In reality, I feel we’re paying for our grade to be based off other individuals and that makes many individuals a bit uncomfortable.

So just to remind myself and to help others try to ease the pain of group projects here is my advice:

1. If the professor assigns groups, be sure to email them ahead of time so that they know your standards, concerns, and feelings of working with an incompetent group and many times it works 😀

2. If the project doesn’t fit your standards, meet with your group members and discuss it with the professor (maybe the group feels the same way.

3. Do NOT stress. If you honestly feel as if you are getting the bulk of the work, report to the professor IMMEDIATELY.

And just feel good, know that you have done all you can and you can make up for your grade in most cases.


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