If only daylight savings was every day…

Because then, I would feel a little less overwhelmed. Being a theatre major, I sometimes take for granted not having a lot of tests or big projects during the beginning of the semesters. Especially this semester. I’ve known since August everything I had to do this semester in my class, but luckily (or un-luckily) for me, a lot of these tasks were deemed as “due by the final class” so, I’ve taken my time on some. But, as I started working on my final for Directing, I quickly realized just how little time is left in this semester. In 11 days, (YIKES!) I will present my director’s interpretation of “The M Word” in Darby-Hope theatre, in 12 days, it’s Thanksgiving break, which lends me to come back to a tech week for the show “Stop Kiss” done by Alpha Psi Omega, and then finals just 4 days after that.  Not to mention, that I have an entire script to memorize between now and then, along with all my other homework. WHERE DID MY SEMESTER GO!?! I’m always happy when weeks fly by, but now I’m a little sad it’s not ‘just the middle of September’.

But hey, as least I’m only 2 weeks out from going home. 🙂


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