The forgotten 3rd floor

When you’re so used to a routine 6 hours in the MAC lab every night, you almost block out other areas of life and forget they exist. One night, I’m working on this editorial, and my friend tells me that reading out loud to yourself helps you find errors faster and brings a voice to the paper. Well, I was in a room full of online registrators and studious peers – didn’t want to bother them. So I walk out the room and notice the main area is full too. So I try my luck in the elevator.

I get inside. Close the doors, and start reading to myself.

All of a sudden, the elevator shakes and I start moving up! Have my words come alive? Is there something the elevator didn’t like? Is this the 2nd coming of Christ? These were legitimate thoughts running through my mind as I awaited my fate and/or floor destination. So I am lifted to the 3rd floor, and when the doors open, I’m startled to find a man awaiting his entrance with a cart full of books.

Whoa – I thought I was in a whole ‘nother world. Trying not to look surprised that I’m still alive, I walk out and start to venture this forgotten land called the 3rd floor. Aisles among aisles of books and endless rows of shelves that carry literature that I’m well aware is beyond my comprehension. I almost turn into the kid at the candy store and pick up a book as if I had just learned to read.

It was so quiet. So peaceful. So 3rd-floor-like!

Folks, I think I have now found my secret getaway! Best part about it is the lack of computers! Which means the lack of Facebook access! Which means the lack of study breaks and the gaining of ultimate productivity. This can be scary. Look out world, there’s a studious Baker student in town ridding herself from her procrastinating ways – one floor level at a time!


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