Stop and smell the flowers…

But who has time for that? There already isn’t enough time in the day as it is – why would I waste any more of the time I don’t have, doing something that doesn’t benefit me in any concrete way? I have a million other things to do: papers to write, practices to attend, tests to procrastinate on studying for. My life is too busy to appreciate the little things! Or is it?

Baker alumnus, Wes Comfort, has been in Haiti for a few months doing missionary work and I came across his blog the other day that served as a big eye opener for me. He mentions how he used to take running water, electricity, and television for granted. Things we couldn’t go an hour without, he’s been stripped of for days at a time. How selfish am I? How could I not take the time to appreciate the beautiful things I’m surrounded with? The running water readily available, the technology that’s overwhelmed this generation, and food that we never finish eating half the time.

So today I went to the cafe, and sat down at the table which have pretty little flowers on them, and took the time to appreciate the things we, as a nation, no longer value. The next time you see a flower, let it be the symbol of gratitude for the many things you are blessed with in life.

Stop and smell the flowers.


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