Daylight savings NEVER ends quick enough!

OK, so I know this is a really random observation; however, I am curious how many people cherish the use of daylight savings.  I remember as a child I would hate waking up early Sunday morning in the spring to get ready for church and then in the fall I woke up and everyone in the house was sleep, not realizing that time had gone back an hour back.

Then I began to wonder what is the point of daylight savings, excusing the fact that it had made the day longer and shorter.  The website I found was

Whatever the reason may be for the change, I know that in the fall, turning back my clock never comes fast enough. However in the spring I dread the loss of an hour 😦

Remember this year in the U.S. November 7, 2010 at exactly 2:00 am is when you set your clock back 😀


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