Baker 3 – 1 Culver Stockton

This weekend the team traveled to Canton, Mo. for our second-to-last conference game against Culver Stockton. As if a five-hour bus ride wasn’t bad enough, it was made even worse by the awful movie choices on the bus, which included “The Strangers,” which is possibly the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. On the other hand, “Get Him To The Greek” was hilarious.

Now, I’m not saying that Canton is a bad place, but when it makes the Mighty Baldwin city look like a thriving metropolis, you know it’s a little slow.

Anyway, on to the game, after arriving at the field and seeing that not only was the grass very thin, bare patches everywhere, and the ground was rock solid, we knew this wasn’t going to be a pretty game. Just from watching the ladies play on it before us, with a 25 mph wind making the ball swirl around, we all looked at each other and began to mentally roll up our sleeves. We got off to a good start, putting them under a lot of pressure and starting to create chances. I managed to score a goal off a free kick to get us rolling, before a great header from Nate Byarly, and a fantastic strike from Nick Ebmeyer made it 3-0 at half time, effectively ending the game as a contest. As the second half began we knew they were going to get physical.  Culver managed to score a scrappy goal toward the end of the game, but never really looked dangerous when it attacked. We also managed to make sure all of the lads who traveled got some playing time, so that was good to ensure that our whole squad is staying fit and sharp.

So the game finished 3-1, which moved us to 5-2-1 in the HAAC conference, and 9-5-2 overall. But also, barring a heavy loss in our game on tuesday night away to Graceland, we managed to secure at least one home playoff game. So it’s one more long trip to Lamoni, Iowa, on Tuesday night before the magic of the playoffs begin. Once I know the date and our opponent, I will let you know.

Go Wildcats,



One response

  1. Annette Pierce

    Can’t wait for the next game at Liston! Go Wildcats!

    November 1, 2010 at 11:31 am

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