Visiting home

This last weekend I flew home for a highschool friends wedding, and to spend some time with my family. I was there for only 60 hours, the first 60 since July, which in itself was not even a 2 day trip home, the one before only for a week. In fact, since coming to Baker, The longest time I’ve spent back in Colorado is over Christmas break. The reasons vary. During my summer breaks, I’ve had theatre jobs around the country that keep me from going home, and this last year I stayed in Kansas to take LA401 over the summer. Spring breaks always seem to be too short to really say I spent time home as the majority of the break is spent driving in the car, and Thanksgiving has only been in Colorado once for me.

Many friends ask me why I dont spend more time home. The simple matter of fact is that I just can’t. Sometimes all I want is to toss my laundry in the car, start the egnition, and go. Then I realize that by the time I would get to Topeka, I’ve spent about 5 times what I’d spend at the laundro-mat in gas, and would still be at least 10 hours away with dirty clothes. So, I wind up going to a freinds apartment to borrow some pots and pans, bust out my cooking skills, and make something my mom used to make for me. Ususally, it’s Chicken Scampi…because I REALLY love pasta. One of these days, I’m going to plan a telephone date and have my mom make the same thing back in Colorado so we can enjoy a meal together that’s not centered around a holiday.

This last weekend was quick. I saw old friends, watched my Grandma be the parade marshal for her town’s weekend celebration, and visited some old hangouts in the Rocky Mountains. The next time I’ll be home the ground will probably be covered in snow, but I can’t wait!


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