“Get Ready… Get Set… Exhale”

*sighs* If any of you are like myself, I know today after your last class you took a deep breath of relief and embraced the coming days ahead of us.  Fall break is a time to sit back and review what you have done so far in the semester and to prepare for the second half.

*twists lips in an awkward fashion* If I am considering all the possibilities of my highlighted year so far I cannot complain.  I am doing really well in many of my classes and trying to keep an even balance of what is to come this semester.  *sighs* However, many students are trying to figure out what they can do to just barely get by through this semester.

*rubs neck* I know many of the student athletes are still getting use to the practice and study schedule and now that the holidays and different events are coming up on campus many of us are trying to find that clear balance between “work” and “play.”

*throws hands up* But before stressing yourself completely out over fall break by worrying about what’s to come or pondering on how poorly things are going so far just EXHALE and REST!!! *smiles*

But on Sunday right before you hop back to it, read Jason’s tips 7 on balancing work and play. Because I found this extremely helpful for myself 😀



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