“It’s TIME”

I knew when I bought my fifteen dollar animatronic T-Rex stuffed animal, named “Snax,” that it would eventually come in handy. This day came a couple of weeks ago, when Baker alumnus, Justin Whittaker, returned to campus to film a short comedy sketch called, “It’s Time.”

The video features a myriad of Baker students and alumni, all carrying various props (like giant toothbrushes, stuffed coyotes, and lint rollers), and wearing ridiculous clothing (like sweat bands and robes). This crazy conglomeration formed in the library plaza to celebrate whatever event “it’s time” is referring to.

As expressed by Baker senior, Philip Schiffelbein, there really isn’t a point to the video. It is simply based on an inside joke from when Schiffelbein and Whittaker were roommates. Schiffelbein would run into the room, grab Whittaker’s pocket watch, yell “It’s time,” and then they would run around, grabbing every random item they could.

Photo courtesy of the Baker Orange

One goal for the video was to gather as many people and objects as possible – including Dr. Pat Long. Another goal was to promote Baldwin’s new comedy improv troupe, Chucklebuckets.

The video premiered on Youtube on October 2nd. You can watch it here!


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