An example of a racquetball court.

For the less-than-athletic folks (like me), the term “racquetball” is scary. Especially after you break it down into “racquet” and “ball.” Double the scare. If you are unfamiliar with this game, it involves sticking two to four people, all wielding blue, yellow, or green racquets, into a solid white, completely enclosed room, with one small, rubber ball. The point is to hit this ball off of the front wall with as much force as possible so that it will rocket back to the other players and one of them can hit it. At this point, the racquet becomes more of a shield than anything else.

But despite my lack of coordination and arm muscles, I have discovered that this is actually a great game. It is very easy to learn, it’s a LOT of fun, and it’s a great work out. It does require a lot of running around, but only for short distances. I have been playing three to four times each week, usually for about an hour and a half. Now I don’t feel as guilty when I indulge in Sonic’s chocolate shakes. 🙂

So if you need another PE credit or just have some extra time, I highly recommend racquetball for everyone.


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