Dorm Decorating!

An example of a designed room in the NLC

It’s one thing to color-coordinate your dorm room to look somewhat decent and feel homely, but it’s another to pick up a magazine and copy every detail on that page, which is exactly what this group of 4 girls decided to do. This living room space is located on the 3rd floor of the New Living Center and is by far the best designed room I’ve seen in my time at Baker. Not to mention, it took their parents 4 car loads just to bring in the furniture for the living room alone – why does that still surprise me? It’s like a life-size Barbie playhouse. I love it. I’m slightly jealous, but then again, I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but the Zebra print is to die for (sorry PETA). I will definitely take notes for next year and hope my budget and wallet will cooperate with this pricey yet extravagant living room decor.


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