“Best Week Ever” concludes with a final capture of class photo

Gathering the freshmen for their class photo

Say hello to Baker’s class of 2014. Wow. That seems so far away! Maybe cause it is? Lol. At any rate, this week concluded Baker’s “Best Week Ever” themed Orientation Leadership-filled events. From sobbing mothers to ecstatic fathers, we’ve seen it all this week. And this class photo was the bittersweet moment for the freshmen who have finally come to the realization that they are enrolled at a university, without their parents at their side, and amongst their peers who they will enjoy this journey of college with. Minus the initial rowdiness and late-comers to this photoshoot, I’d say it was an overall success. 4 years later when they will be prepping for graduation, they’ll pass by that framed class photo one last time as it’s hung and displayed ever so beautifully inside the union.


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