Pre-season around the corner

My weakness *sigh* 😦

I’ve had a bowl of ice-cream with a meal for 3 days straight. Pre-season, who? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Ha, you’d think with pre-season around the corner, I’d be eating my healthiest right? Wrong. My guilt isn’t heavy enough to override my abnormal appetite for sweets. Not to mention I’ve had 4 root canals, and a 5th one pending (after the 3rd one, I figured I might as well go for a Guiness Record while I’m ahead). Pre-season is almost as important, if not, MORE important than the actual season itself. I lose focus of the ultimate prize (championship) every now and then, so I have to step back, re-group, and get myself rededicated. Even if it’s something as little as ice-cream, I know that the littlest things make the biggest differences. If I can nip this habit in the bud right now, it won’t be a problem later. Coach Decker, I won’t let you down!


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