My Bakermobile!

My beloved Baker license plate frame

So I finally convince my mother to let me drive the 21 hours from Arizona to Kansas (with a friend of course) and I am more than excited! Even bought my cute, little Baker license plate frame, ready to sport my pride down through the highways of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, until my final destination in Kansas. But not so fast… I can’t even use it! Apparently, there’s a law that prohibits any car that covers any part of the state on their license, and results in a hefty fine. Great. Now what am I supposed to do? I have no plate space in the front, and there’s no way I’m going to chop off the top to let it show the state – it’ll defeat the purpose of even having it at all! I guess it can make a pretty cool wall decoration, since I am accustomed to throwing up random junk on my wall (i.e. cereal boxes). I will not let this defeat me. I’m open to any and all solutions. I just want my car to have as much pride as me – is that too much to ask, state of Arizona (and all other states in compliance to this law)?


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