Baldwin City in the Sun

I am comfortably writing this blog post in my air conditioned apartment, where outside it is already a heat index of 103 degrees!  This summer has been a very hot one, and Baker’s hometown sure hasn’t missed out on the rays. 

Not a happy sight!

For the most part I enjoy the warmth.  Taking a walk outside, or reading in the shade during the summer is something I enjoy.  And it opens up night time to be a comfortable time to gather.  I’d much rather go to a water park in the heat than in a cooler weather.  Cold water and cool air don’t mix for me!  Still gotta watch those sunburns though. 

Where I REALLY don’t like the heat…. is in my non-air conditioned car.  Oh man! You can only roll down the windows so much!  I dread everytime I pull  up to a stoplight or heavy traffic, and shake my fist at the sun.  Then I can’t wait to run until the next building I was driving to to bask in the glorious cooled air. 

The grape arbor is actually a decently cool place to sit outside.  It’s usually very breezy and it has a lot of shade.  Eating your lunch under it can be a relaxing change of pace.

I know I’ve been drinking a LOT of water this summer, and that helps me stay fairly cool, if not just to replenish what I lose in my car.  Every now and then too I’ve gone to the pool to take a dip.

So, what is it that you do to “beat the heat?”


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