Top 5 reasons we get excited to go back to college

#5 – Let’s face it, if you spent 90% of your summer job-hunting and sitting in front of a TV or computer screen 20 hours of the day, then you are more than thrilled to finally gain some structure back in your life. As fun as it is being lazy and lacking responsibilities and time management, a little of it is still needed to keep us sane. Just a little bit!

My cupboard of food... yum!

#4 – If you’re like me and love to buy and eat all that junk food you see on TV, you can’t wait to get to school! Not that I can’t eat what I want at home, but having my mom remind me to eat my fruits & vegetables gets a little old… and gross. So here’s to all the junk food we can eat! But in moderation of course, unless root canals don’t bother you. Or freshmen 15’s, lol.

My favorite cereals!

#3 – You meet so many kinds of people with diverse personalities at this school, that when you go home back to regular people it’s just not as exciting. Baker’s community has such unique stories and backgrounds and after 2 years of interacting with such people, I’ve become more cultured than I’ve ever been before. My second family dwells on this campus, and I miss them!

My beverages 🙂

#2 – If you’re an athlete like myself, you know that 75% of the school year is consumed with preparing, practicing, or playing a sport. Whether your in pre, post, or actual season, you begin to eat, breathe, and sleep your sport. A commitment you might’ve never experienced before. And when you finish out a year the way all teams did last year, you can’t help but be more than excited to go on a championship run again!

#1 – Freedom & independence!!!!!! Parents, we love you. We thank you. We adore you. But good riddance! It’s bad enough we can’t make any moves without you guys hovering over our shoulders every 2 seconds, so being able to exercise our young adulthoods and make grown-up decisions on our own is sometimes the sole reason kids even go to college! Not for the education, but for the freedom! Parents, trust and have faith in your outstanding parenting skills that it will follow us throughout our years even when you’re not around. It’s been great having you guys as roommates for some 18 odd years, but now it’s time for us to get some new (younger) ones, lol. You understand, right?

And let the countdown begin…


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