Directionally Challenged

I was born in Colorado: a place where it snows on Halloween, where the humidity dries up with the rain, and  where the sun falls back into the mountains every night. I grew up knowing that the mountains meant WEST. I could spin and spin and spin until I was “dizzier than a tornado,” but as long as I could see the mountains, I knew exactly which direction I was facing. At the time, this made looking at maps and getting places so much easier. Then I moved to Kansas. I don’t think I need to come up with some kind of country metaphor to remind you how mountain-less this state is.

My mom told me about an old friend she had back in high school who had the same problem I do. Her solution: tape a paper compass to her car’s dashboard. Somehow, I don’t think being “directionally challenged” was her only issue (just kidding!).

This Friday, I am leaving via my first commercial plane ride for Oregon. This new-to-me state will be the witness to many other firsts for me, like seeing the ocean, watching wild sea lions, renting a car, hiking to waterfalls and gardens, and, of course, eating sea food.

So, Baker blogging community, I will see you in just over a week, and don’t worry, I won’t be the one in charge of the map. 😉


2 responses

  1. Annette Pierce

    We lived along the Front Range for about 10 years, and I remember giving directions like, “Keep the mountains to your right.”

    Have fun in Oregon!

    July 9, 2010 at 11:21 am

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