Rescue Mission: Operation Kitten Kaboodle

I had a petsitting job this past weekend taking care of a big ol’ chocolate lab, who is just a big baby, and a cat, who is constantly trying to fend off the dog’s playful pounces. Part of this job required going over by 6 in the morning to let the dog out. I know this is probably a normal time for some people, but for me….it’s pretty early. Especially for the weekend.

I got up Sunday morning and went through the normal routine:  rolling out of bed, getting into the car, trudging up to the house, letting the dog out, petting the cat, getting food bowls ready – the usual. My morning visits were always short, so I was already back in the car ready to get home and flop back into bed by 6:30. However, my plans of squeezing in those few more hours of shut eye were  not going to happen.

I had just gotten onto the bypass, about a block from my house, when I saw something ahead of me in the road. I have always been overly cautious about hitting things with my car; I even slow down for those suicidal birds that enjoy dive-flying in front of cars. As I got closer, I saw that it was a kitten. Right in the middle of my lane.

Being early in the day, there was no traffic, so I was able to stop the car and get out. I slowly approached the kitty, scooped him up and took him home. The poor baby had obviously been alone for at least the past day, and his eyes weren’t even open yet. We slowly started to feed him milk and got him in a safe place to get some rest.

Monday, I took him into the vet to get him checked out. He has an upper respiratory infection (that is already better!), possibly ulcers on his eyes, and had a mild case of fleas and worms that is now cleared up. Despite these issues, he is the sweetest little black cottonpuff you’ve ever seen.

He loves to cuddle, have his belly rubbed, climb things he then has to be rescued from, and just listen to you talk to him. He treats me like his mom; he comes when I call him, he runs to me if he gets scared, he sleeps at my shoulder, and even lets me treat his eyes with medicine and wash off his paws without struggling or complaining.

It’s amazing how tiny, yet how capable and smart he is. He is already eating kitten food softened with milk replacement on the doc’s orders, and is even using a tiny litter box – all on his own! I have to say, I am very proud.

Even though this little guy is a success story, that isn’t always the case. The vet had another kitten brought in the same morning that was the same age and had the same health problems. The other kitten was found in another part of town; they think that someone was driving around dumping them off. I’m not going to start preaching, but please, in the name of Bob Barker, spay and neuter your pets if you can’t take care of more!

Keep purring through the week, everyone! It’s almost Friday!


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