Toy Story 3 – My version

The Real Buzz Lightyear (in case you might’ve mistaken me for him, jk

If you grew up around my generation, you know as much as I do, how prevalent and popular Disney movies were. Then they took their expertise to another level by merging with Pixar to create these 3-D animated masterpieces. Amongst my favorites were A Bug’s Life, Antz, and of course the Toy Story trilogy. So my way of paying homage to the movie (and my favorite character in Buzz Lightyear) I decided to create a poster featuring myself and relating to my Facebook status updates. Corny? Maybe… somebody’s gotta live up to the name, lol.

Since I’m still in St. Louis on a business trip, I haven’t been able to stop by the theaters yet to catch the buzz-worthy movie, but when I do, you can expect me to be in full Buzz Lightyear attire. Oh yes, helmet and all! Still trying to fight a spacesuit though, if you guys find one in an XL, please let me know!



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