Oy Vey

This weekend, I am going to a family reunion – since you asked, it’s for my mom’s side. Even though it is a reunion, I do not really know the people I will be seeing and hanging out with for the afternoon. But that’s okay; I know it’s still going to be a nice day spent with good people. I am very lucky in that sense.

But even though families are great….. they do tend to cause a lot of stress, especially to kids “our age.” And sometimes hangin’ with the fam’ is the only thing standing in between you and that perfect summer day you’re craving.

So here are some handy dandy tips to beat the stress and make it to that sunshine-flip flops-lake water finish line:

1. Chill with the dogs.

–          No, not the “dawgs”…… I mean the four legged kind. The State University of New York in Buffalo has performed research that proves that pets provide more stress relief than your fellow humans.

2. Meditate.

–          Just ten minutes of sitting quietly, away from the rush, focusing on your breathing can amp up your patience for the rest of the day.

If you’re like my nephew, you can meditate anywhere.

3. Give up the sticks.

–          The European Board for Research found that nicotine suppresses the body’s natural stress fighting hormone, serotonin. And depending on who your relatives are, you may need all the serotonin you can get.

4. Pick up the Styx.

–          I am sure most college kids would agree with me that music is a huge factor in relaxation and life in general. See if you can have some light music going on in the background of your festivities. Even if you do not have a chance to really listen, your subconscious mind will be calm and thankful.

5. Get enough sleep before you get there.

–          I know you have all heard this one before, but it is true! Hopefully your parents did not turn your old room  into an office or a sewing room or a planetarium during the semester and you still have a cozy place to catch some Z’s.

If any of you are attending your own family reunions, I hope these tips help make everything go by smoothly so you can enjoy some good ol’ quality time before you make the move to college. Happy Tuesday!


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