Don’t mix your personal problems with business

So I kinda have this issue (for a lack of better words) with any and all things related to KU. The colors, the mascot, the horrid basketball team, you name it. I just can’t stand them! This on-going hatred started back in the 2008 NCAA Finals when their basketball team knocked off the top-seeded Memphis Tigers in the championship game. Two years later, and I’m still trying to recoup. It cut me deep. Left emotional scars. The whole 9.

Little did I know, I’d be going to a school which hosted some of the biggest KU fans, and 15 minutes from its actual location as well. Great. You would think our school had so much patriotism with the mass amounts of red and royal blue that you see on campus. But oh no – those are just KU fans.

Anywho, I have a little side hobby/business where I make wedding invitations, athletic posters, and event flyers. My most recent project was a guy from KU who contacted me through facebook asking for an athletic poster. Now business is business, I’m not going to deny him service because of his poor choice of school, but reluctantly I start working on his and find myself not as enthused as I am when making all my other ones. I didn’t use many details, had bland effects, and plain fonts.

I sat there looking at what was the final product and mentally slapped myself in the face. What am I doing? How can I be proud of mediocre work when I know there’s so much more potential in it. I can’t call myself a designer if I’m not putting forth 150% in every piece, regardless of the background of the customer. Shame on you, Glo. Shame on you.

So I go back, spend another couple hours messing around with different brushes and themes, and come out with something much more impressive.

Lesson of the day: Be professional, and don’t mix your personal problems with business!

(click to enlarge)


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