School = work | Summer = more work?

For most people, summer is the start of a 3-month vacation. The escape from the countless amounts of homework every night, and any other burdens the thought of “work” might bring. For most people that is. I am the exception. This summer is the start of 40+ hours a week of working in multiple environments that deal with my projected profession.

You know how coaches say, “the real season starts in off-season” as you work to fix the things that left you falling short of the ultimate victory. That saying can apply to the summer. This is when the real work begins. As I’m interning and working in places that can potentially be the setting of my eventual job, this is where the work experience and hands-on learning takes place. School is knowledge; work is experience.

To the left, is me at my high school graduation, and two years into acquiring my next diploma, I can agree with Bryce Lathrop on his assertion of time’s phantom wings and aerodynamics.

Just the thought of every-day business attire and dare I say it, a BRIEFCASE is mind-boggling in itself. I’m not quite entering the real world yet, but gosh darn it, I’m getting pretty close. I have a million questions racing through my head: Can you ever give too much eye contact? What if my heels make too much noise? What if they make me run silly errands like getting coffee? What if intern is their code name for JANITOR? What if my boss is the devil in disguise? If they add me on facebook, do I accept their friend requests!? Crucial questions here – I’m freakin’ out!

As I prepare myself for 5 interviews all aligned in the next week, I’m also very fortunate to have so many opportunities come barging my way. Regardless of the outcome, I will be a walking mop next week, as I soak in any and everything I encounter or experience during the interview processes and more. Some things in life, you just can’t teach – experience is one of them; and I can’t wait to be my own teacher.


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  1. Wow Gloria – you are very brave sharing your thoughts and fears with us. You know that all of us in marketing are here for you this summer if you have any questions about the real world! I will say that you have done a pretty darn good job during the course of the school year in our department so I am confident that you will navigate the new environments with ease. Just be yourself – there is nothing else to be.

    May 22, 2010 at 8:01 pm

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