Graduation From a Junior

As I wrap up my last few finals I realize I’m going to be the big man on campus next year. It seems like just yesterday that I was walking onto campus for welcome week as a freshman.  Time only keeps getting faster and faster, and while it seems like I still have a long road ahead, by the time I get there I’ll still be feeling like no time passed at all.  If time flies when you’re having fun, does it crash when you stop?  Since I don’t want to be responsible for the damages of time itself crashing, I’ll go ahead and keep it in the air. 

Time flies when youuuuuuuuuur alarm clock has wings!

It is always more difficult to part with something the more time you spend with it.  Freshman year you may know  some graduating seniors.  Sophomore year you’ve spent 2 full years now with this group, so it’s a little harder to see them go.  Junior year is when you’ve really drawn close to the graduating class.  People that you’ve looked up to as leaders for 3 years, gone to class with, partied with, and become the closest of friends with are now leaving the reigns in your hands.  Now you have three classes of people looking up to you. I don’t know if I’m quite ready yet.

There’s part of all of us that needs someone to look up to, a mentor or someone wiser to trust in and help us make decisions.  When you’re the senior, you are that person.  It’s a responsibility that you may not be aware of, until that freshman in your major starts asking you for help on tests, studying how you do things, and talking you up to his/her friends.  If you wonder why this is happening, ask yourself: who did you look up to when you first got here?

What I’m saying is, Class of 2010, I’m going to miss you guys!  I have some great friends among you.  Best of luck in the future, and come back to visit!  I hope I can fill the big shoes you are leaving behind.


P.S. Why didn’t you take your shoes? You’re gonna need those eventually.


One response

  1. Bryce, this is wonderful. It is so true and so real.

    May 20, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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