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Hi everybody, and thanks for stopping by!  I am a senior music and religion double major here at Baker University.  My passions lie in music and my spiritual life, and so I want to be a music minister at a church eventually.

I do a little bit of everything, and therefore will be writing about a little bit of everything.  Particularly, I am a performer.  I play saxophone in the band, jazz band, and saxophone quartet; and I sing in the choir.  I also dabble in theatre where I am a co-captain of Baker’s own comedy improv troupe “Loud Noises.”  If  it happens in Rice Auditorium or Owens Music Building, I’m the one to know!

Acting during Baker's production of "The Visit"

My spiritual life is very important to me.  I was raised in a Christian (Disciples of Christ) church, am a member of a Southern Baptist church, and go to a United Methodist college.  I appreciate the diversity that each has to offer.  On Thursday mornings during University Worship, I help lead the music on my guitar.  I also get involved occasionally at the Baldwin First United Methodist church leading and assisting in the music for worship.  I am an ambassador and a member of Baker’s chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I came to Baker because I was looking for a small college with a good music program that was relatively close to home.  I am an hour away from my home in Independence, Missouri, so I am not too far away, but far enough at the same time.  Baker had that beautiful campus where I just felt right at, and so I came here.

That is why I came here, but not necessarily why I’ve stayed.   My past several years here have given me so much more than I expected when enrolling for those first classes.  I have made the best friends of my life, honed my talents beyond what they would be on my own, and became part of many things greater than myself while being here.  All these connections make it hard to imagine what life beyond here will be like.

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Like tossing a Frisbee around on campus during some nice spring weather, or piling a bunch of friends into a dorm room to watch a movie.  Life doesn’t have to be complicated in order to have fun.  Some of the best days of my life are from making fun out of nothing.  I hope all of you reading this do the same thing, because joy is contagious.

If you have any questions for me, or about my experiences with Baker’s Music and Theatre departments, and religious life, let me know! I’ll be happy to answer!


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