Wednesday night was the annual Alpha Psi Omega theatre dance. This was to celebrate the initiation of the newest members who officially joined the group Tuesday night.

New initiates include:

  • Alex Allen, junior
  • Kyrie Bair, freshman
  • Bryce Bowers, freshman
  • Patrick King, freshman
  • Steven Ruzzin, freshman

New board members were also chosen this night:

  • President: Philip Schiffelbein, junior
  • Vice President: Kari Hilmes, junior
  • Secretary: Courtney West, junior
  • Treasurer: Bryce Bowers, freshman
  • Historian: Ali Watson, junior
  • Pledge Educator: Kyrie Bair, freshman

Overall, they were a couple of very fun and very exciting nights. There were great snacks, fun people, homemade tiki necklaces, energetic music, and the decorations were superb – there was even an indoor sunset. If any of you plan on being involved in theatre next year, these are a couple of events that you can look forward to!

Happy Friday!


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