Baker’s Got Talent

This past Saturday, the second annual Baker University Undergraduate Research, Performance and Honors Symposium took place in Mabee Memorial Hall.  I had the pleasure of participating for the first time This event was quite a spectacle.  It was truly amazing to see all the different things that Baker students do.

Being a business major, I don’t normally get a chance to really see or hear about what goes on in the other departments on campus, but Saturday’s event certainly changed things.

My boy Coop Cooper giving his presentation.

The event was comprised of two sessions of student research presentations, performances and posters.  During these periods, students from all different departments who had done some kind of substantial research project over the course of this past year presented their work to whoever wanted to come and attend.  There were quite a few majors represented — biology, math, business, mass communication, physics.

Rachel Killian talking about her poster -- Rachel plays with monkeys... beware!

The two sessions were broken up by two separate honors and awards ceremonies.  Each department gave out a wide array of scholarships and awards.  This is a big money-making effort for some students.  Then, at the end of the program, the “winners” of the symposium were announced.  Three $100 prizes were given to one winner from the presentation category, performance category and poster category.  Not a bad day’s work for the winner!

I’ll admit, it was quite the long and tenuous event, but I was definitely appreciative of the event, and furthermore, what the event symbolizes — upon being at this event, you can certainly gather that Baker’s got talent.

Shontelle Dixon, one of the many people who brought home hardware from the event! Congrats to all!

Based on the perceived success of the event from my perspective, it is clear that this will be a very long-standing event into the future.  I feel honored to have been a part of this and I hope that all who partake in the future get as much gratification from your efforts as I did.  This event is a great tribute to the hard work and efforts of many undergraduate students.  Keep up the good work, Baker students!



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