Packing or unpacking?

Which is worse?
Which is more of a hassle?
Which takes longer to do? As school is 3 weeks away from its conclusion (according to my mental countdown), it’s about that time to start shoving things under your bed tidying up as the RA’s do their final health inspections and you realize the place you called home for the past 8 months will be re-associated to that one place that houses those pesky siblings and pets – yeah, that home. Whether you’re from out of state *raises hand* or on the other end of the highway, you will be packing/boxing up your things to some extent. Living out of state has forced me to not only mature at a faster rate, but also be more independent and not rely on my mother for everything I need. Not to say that all in-state residents do, but while they can drive an hour or so to home-cooked meals, my laziness to cook puts me on the bread & butter diet.

My friends used to tease me back when I didn’t have a meal plan, because I would subject myself to cereal and pancakes. Time and energy efficient. Can’t beat that! A well-balanced meal? Eh, not so much. But anywho…

The best part of packing is the things you find while going through the piles of garbage and hoards of junk that hasn’t been touched in months. Might find some quarters, a couple assignments you forgot to turn in, or maybe your favorite hat! It’s like a treasure hunt – I love it! The worst part is the time it takes and the monotony of the whole process. I don’t know how and where all my things accumulate from, but they do, and it is a pain to say the least. Last summer I probably had about 8-10 boxes that I stored in my coach’s basement, because I couldn’t bring it all with me on the plane.

Packing is definitely more of a hassle than unpacking, granted it’d be a lot easier if I just always kept my room clean to begin with (see disastrous, tornado-stricken room here). Hopefully next fall I can pack lightly and realize half my things are already in Kansas sitting in a dark, lonely basement. But no matter how many clothes a woman has, it’s somehow never enough.


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