This is what college is all about

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This past weekend was pretty eventful to say the least. My Saturday consisted of attending the “Spiking Out” tournament for sorority and fraternity Philanthropies, the Wildcat Open Relays at Liston Stadium, and the “Reckless” play by the Baker theatre department. These are some pictures I took throughout the course of the day. If only this weather could’ve visited us a month ago!


NAIA Convention Student-Athlete Panelist

I’ve voiced this numerous times before, about how lucky and extremely fortunate I feel to have had so many incredible opportunities during my time at Baker. Through giving back and getting involved with the school, doors continue to open and paths are being paved. At the 2011 NAIA National Convention that took place at the Hyatt Crown Center in Kansas City, MO, I was asked to be a member of the Q&A panel that consisted of former and current NAIA student-athletes for the 2011 National NAIA Convention.

From left to right, I am standing with Kevin Barth, President and CEO of Commerce Bank – Kansas City, Marc Boerigter, former NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and Indianapolis Colts, Jim Carr, President and CEO of the NAIA Organization, Dylan Smith, NAIA Champions of Character Award Winner, and Michael Coleman, Sports Director of KCTV5. You can watch a highlight of the convention kick-off below. Was I nervous? Yes. Did I know what I was talking about? Sorta. Did I realize I was swinging my chair that badly? HECK no… haha!

BU Dance Team Recognition

The Baker Dance Team was recognized at the Collins House for their National Championship in Florida for the NAIA Small Dance Team Competition. Parents, locals, students, and faculty gathered together to recognize the award-winning dancers and their coach. Lynsey Payne also told the story about how the trophy had to ride back with the pilot in the cockpit, because it was too big for the plane. Lynsey was incredibly proud of her group of women, and they were even honored by the Kansas House of Representatives with a certificate.

Exercising Free Speech

image One of Dr. Leonard Ortiz’s history classes put on a rally to encourage students to practice their right of free speech. Whether you wanted to talk about your love for bologna sandwiches without cheese or world peace, this was the time and place to do so. There was no holding back, and as this stage was calling my name, I went up and spoke about my friends and my future. The set will last for two days outside of the Collins library and I encourage anyone with a voice and heart to go out there and speak!

Soccer Alumni Games

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The Baker men and women’s team recently had an alumni game that took place in Liston Stadium. One thing I love about watching and participating in alumni games, is that these youthful and active college-athletes get to take on a bunch of has-been’s and let it go one of two ways. They either get schooled by the older, but wiser alum, or they walk all over the older, and out of shape alum. For the women, it was more of a giggle and push around session. They fought hard, but you can tell they were all out there just having fun. But during the men’s game, they were out for blood. There was yelling, pushing, arguing, and all, you would think this game was going on some phantom record book that follows you for life. Men tend to be much more competitive, and this past Saturday proved that. Coach Houser and asst. Coach Davy even had the chance to partake in the games by playing and refereeing.

Senior Seminars & Presentations

It’s uncommon to see students dressed in suits to go to class, but lately it’s been an everyday occurrence. In the final home stretch of their collegiate lives, seniors have been preparing for their 401 research papers and presentations. This is the real deal. So I stopped three of my friends who were looking mighty dapper to take a picture of them in their suits. I am relieved that I’m not at that point in life yet, and I still have a year’s worth of time to prepare/procrastinate for my own senior seminar presentation. Oh, the real world – why must you be so near?

Happy Easter!

If you didn’t know why you haven’t been in school the past couple days, it’s because of Easter break! Anytime your weekend is longer than your week, I mean that’s a holiday in itself. Monday through Wednesday we had school, but Thursday through Sunday we’re off. I can deal with that. It’s a nice time to start pre-packing, and for locals, taking some of their belongings home, so that when the time comes in a couple weeks, they won’t be overwhelmed with all that they have to pack. Anywho, enjoy your 4-day weekend and cherish it for what it’s worth, because before you can say “procrastination” you will be in the library on Sunday at 11pm doing homework due Monday. Oh joy!

Baker Fans

One thing I really love about the Baker community is how peers and the Baldwin City community really show support for fellow student-athletes. It’s always more fun to play your sport knowing you have your roommates, parents, or best friends in the crowd cheering you on. This past weekend was softball’s senior day, and there was an incredible fan base that came out to show support for the seniors and the softball team. They ended up splitting with Evangel, but the atmosphere and great weather made for an overall good time and fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Baker Softball Fundraiser

Baker softball recently hosted a fundraising event where they served buffalo wild wings from Applebee’s, and homemade desserts over the weekend. There was a great turn-out as parents, students, and faculty all came through to show support. The big event of the night would be the Wing-Eating contest in which 3 guys, and a current Baker softball player, Allie Losey, were entered in. Allie was the obvious crowd favorite and the eventual winner. Watch the video I made below to see how it all went down!

The Bachelor “Baker Edition”

I was lucky to be chosen as one of the women to fight for the heart of Baker’s Bachelor, Tim Laughlin. The video would be produced by Marketing Department’s Chris Smith for prospective students. Throughout the video, these women all catfight their way to the heart of the bachelor, only to find out he ends up choosing Wowzer, the university’s mascot as the official winner. It was a blast to shoot, and I can’t wait for the final product!